Put a name and face to that email.

Email Verification

If your application depends upon knowing that an email address is valid, then instead of emailing the user, and making them click an embedded link, you can use this API to verify the email address is in use - without interrupting the on-boarding flow.


Want to do some batch processing?, get real names in your database, and stop sending emails entitled "Dear Sir or Madam"

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1 Billion profile images

This api uses data from various third party sources, cumulatively holding profile images for over 1 Billion users. It's not everyone, but it's a heck of a start!

How this works


Need more flexibility? Use our API at https://docs.avatarapi.com

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100 Free calls, then only $10 per 1,000 requests (Cost varies by provider)

If you have a database that contains email addresses, but you don't have contact names, then you can use this API to determine how to address a user, without resorting to "Dear sir or madam", or "Dear user"


Email marketing
"Dear Mr Smith" not "Dear user"

“What about using this API to add a dash of colour and graphics to user communications by showing a recognisable image beside user comments? Now you can add a meaningful user profile pic, without asking them to upload an image”


Customer support
"John H. Smith" not "User 33454"

“ Worried about user trust? use this API to validate the name provided by the user matches his email address ”


Web Security
Is your name really "John Doe"?

How it works

This API uses public profile information provided by third party providers, via publicly exposed data sources to determine the name and profile image of the user. There are over 1 billion profile pics available via this API. The API works best with microsoft addresses, but many other email accounts are also available.

How much does it cost?

The JSON / REST API starts at as low as $10 per 1,000 calls, which is 1 cent per call for most providers, however other providers cost more than one credit per call. This is payable via paypal, and we're happy to discuss discounts with bigger clients (1 million calls+). This is entirely flexible and you can do whatever you want with it, and don't need to attribute us, or give us a link back.

Security & Privacy

The images returned by this service remain the copyright of their respective providers, and are hosted directly on provider's servers. The scenarios defined in this website would fall under the 'fair use' clause of copyright law, so you are free to display them on your website, or email communications.

We do not store the email addresses sent to our API, so we can't and wouldn't be able to contact your users.


What can this API be used for?



Email marketing

Addressing a customer by first and last name gives immediate familiarity and trust. The customer will feel as if you know him or her already, and will be less likely to immediately delete your marketing email as spam. But all too often email marketing databases come with either missing or incomplete names, and you end up having to resort to address your prospective client with a "Dear Sir or Madam" which means that the recipient is going to hit the delete button before he reads the first line of your email.


Customer Support

Online Support

If you have an online support forum, adding a face and a name to your users adds a dash of colour and graphics to a bland environment, it also helps puts a face to the name of your users, creating a friendlier environment for customers.



User Trust

Although not every email address can be validated via this service, it is something that can be treated as a trust ranking signal, if the email address provided by your user has a matching name, and a profile pic set. This would indicate an email account that has been used, and associated with some online services.

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Not technical? need help?

Not everybody understands what JSON and REST is, that's fine. But, lets say this all sounds like a good idea, but you need help with the implementation?, we can help - we have an hourly rate and are happy to assist.

If for example you have a spreadsheet of email addresses without contact names. We can process this for for you, if you send us the spreadsheet. We are happy to work under N.D.A, but please note there is a $50 set up fee for this service, and then $10 per 1,000 emails.


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